Robotic Arm (GE) Updated

Hi, I’m making a Robotic Arm in the game engine, it’s kind of a game, just put the balls in the correct place. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Well done :smiley: Some tips,
-Make the thing that opens twosided. Select it press f and look in the edit buttons (F9) and look for a green button saying twosided.

  • The balls are very quick gone. fallen through the floor, or just out of range.
    -Some textures can make it look better (but that’s not your goal now I think) the sounds are good :smiley:

Hi, thanks for your comments, I have just finish the coding/logicbricks part, now it’s a playable game, you can win or loose :smiley:

Next is make the final models, textures and overlay scenes, more sounds, indicator LEDs, menus, etc. Wow thats a lot of work :o

I hope you understand mi english :wink:

-Link at first post-

Tried to use the game. Two of the balls rolled in close to the arm and the arms movement wouldn’t allow me to reach them. Is this on purpose? Not too much fun when you don’t have a chance to get them. I’m sure it’s just something I’m doing wrong.

No, its not on porpose, I have to redo all the models, also the floor so it doesn’t let any ball to go away, I’ll do it right now.

Thanks for the feedback

Pd. A bug is fixed, there were errors some times when you chose the number of balls (same link, nothing special)

Yahhuuu, the new floor is done, so the balls shuldn’t go out of the reach of the robot, and a nasty bug is fixed, the ball counter in the start frecuently gaves the wrong number, NOT any more, now it’s imposible :stuck_out_tongue:

-Link at first post-