Robotic orchestra project...

So far:


  • Cellos + anim
  • Camera animation
  • Drum Modelling
  • All the little annoying rigging parts
  • Drum Animation
  • Final materials +texturing
  • Rendering (the monster 3 day part… :frowning: )

Still To do:

  • Cleaning up

While since I have done a major project - have a few weeks, so thought now would be the time.

I will be making a 4000-5000 frame animation of a robotic orchestra playing handels ‘Sarabande’ -

So far cello robotics rig and animation is almost done, now need to do precussion and woodwind.

A beauty still of the cello:

A quick update including the piston stand and a (somewhat severly) optimized polycount. About 10x reduction in vertices (bearing in mind there will be about 20 of these instruments.)

400 samples in cycles

Cool idea!! Looking forward to seeing the end product!!

Looks pretty cool project idea, I can’t wait to see this come together
Oh, and Good LucK!!

Sorry guys - was in hospital for most of yesterday having a lesion removed on my lip… hence the lack of updates-
All I have got done is a bit of duplicating and some more optimizing:
And The begining of the timpani:

The textured timpani:

A quick shot of them all together: (the timpanis arent actually floating - they are on a badly lit box)

Im feeling a little bit lonely here… Any comments? Im hopeing to get the camera animation sorted today along with the machine that plays the timpanis

looking good, what other instruments you planing on adding?

For the moment, I think this will be it - I might try for a few robotic flutes, but they would just be in the background. (the rigging would be a nightmare)
As far as updates go, the camera animation is pretty much there, the machine that plays the drums still has to be done tho…

how about like a grand piano or something? you should also consider a mechanical conductor.

I suppose… just playing around with after effects - the noise reduction is sweet!

Wrong post

The machine that plays the drums:

I love the updates sorry to hear you were in the hospital, Can’t wait to see some of the rigs for it, are you going to be adding in violin’s and/or some brass instruments as well? Keep it up

Drum animation done - I have decided to give a flute a try, though no promises yet!

hmmmm… Flutes are off (various reasons)… Even without flutes and six workstations, I’m estimating a render time of Pretty much exactly 70 hours… :frowning:

looking very good :slight_smile: have you already decided the music you are going to use? looking forward to seeing the future updates :slight_smile:

The music is mentioned in the first post… For updates, it is currently rendering, ETA 8AM on the 5th GMT

lol sorry must have skipped straight over it :stuck_out_tongue:
very nice choice :slight_smile: are you planning on doing others in future projects do you think?