robotic referee test anim

This will be the referee for ‘kungfuguy vs. pigboy’. mpeg 250 kb (very small)
I had the ground plane set to deflect particles, but i accidentally left it on layer 20. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a cool robot I cant wait to see kungfuguy and pigboy. I cant give any crits cause I can’t see the character all to well maybe you should try lighting the erea a little more.That way we can see the model a bit easier. :smiley:

thanks. well it was really crisp and clear in the raw avi,…i think i should have jacked up the values a bit though before converting it to mpeg.

looks good sofar… keep on going!


I like it so far. I agree, though, it’s a bit dark.

glad to see you are staying with this,
looks like tons of work, but you detail and this animation so far look great

Thaks guys, I am just about ready to start putting it all together. I think I may first make a couple of robot announcers though.