robotic stairs

kinda inspired by elephants dream, wanted to try IK robotic arms.
production time: 1h
render time: 4h30m (yes, its the reflection and AO combination)
rendered footage: 16s
playtime: 24s

You haven’t gotten any comments so far. The animation is good, the effort put on it is entertaining. That robotic stairs is well designed, I like the mirror setting and ray trace rendering. The problem ( I guess ) is the lack of sequence, we follow with enthusiasm the whole thing and then…PUFF ! ends ! So it creates a bit of disappointing feeling. This is me…may be other eyes feel different. If you modified the story ( some cause and effect ) keeping the same path about animation and rendering, we might have something much better. Something that makes you laugh or makes you say uh! at the end.

Good Luck my friend