Robotic torso, head, arm... etc

This evening I was sitting around, bored, and decided to start making a robot. This is what I came up with after a bit of doodling on a scrap of printer paper and about an hour of modeling:

Now, I am aware that he has no thumb and that the torso itself has no detail… I haven’t really gotten there yet. I do like the arm structure; My main concern is the head… somehow it doesn’t seem right to me. Also, is the shoulder too low?

So! If you’d like to either suggest options, reassure me that it’s fine, or anything else, please feel free to post!

…actually, C&C of any sort is welcome.

I dunno. I guess I just want to know what everyone thinks so far.

Hopefully I’ll get the torso finished and the legs and pelvis at least started by next week so i can update this post.


Nice piece of work I like the arm. I don’t think that the shoulder is too low (because now you can add some armour plates above it :wink:

Well the head looks good itself but I don’t think that it is quite useful for the bot because the right half of the “face” restricts the field of view of the two (three?) lenses on the left side. Another problem is that it looks more like if the head had been opened and you now can see the “brain” and the guts =)

I quite like the forearm. The shoulder looks like it has very limited articulation. I suggest that you make the shoulder into 2 joints, or if you’re up to it you can model it to work like a real human shoulder. But two joints should suffice. What you can do is make the shoulder a separate object that rotates from the side of the torso, and the upper arm itself rotates from underneath the shoulder. The waist joint worries me a bit but since you’re not done with it yet I’ll just wait until you’ve done some more on it. Apart from that, the torso looks a bit bumpy, especially near the shoulder.

excellent. Thanks for the suggestions, you’re right about the shoulder thing. I might increase the joint size too…

I think I am just gonna rework the head.
I’ll repost when I get some progress on the model

Thanks again

Okay, so… I’ve updated the model. here’s the relatively finished first draft.

No rig or textures yet (obviously), but the basic shapes have been completely laid out.


really nice modeling!
if you can make/find a few good textures and use them well, it should really turn out nice :slight_smile:
good luck :slight_smile:

Youre bad to be bored…you’re making nice model…good job

Yeah, I’m planning on using a sort of “brushed metal” look on most of the rods and joints and large shapes, a worn painted look on the outer plates, and a darker metal for the small bits and inner workings.

(and glowing transluscent lenses in the eyes…)

Thanks for your thoughts!

How frustrating… I can’t figure out an effective rig for this character.

if you look closely at the joints, you’ll notice most of them are two parts combined into one… a swivel and a hinge. And my ideas aren’t working right.

Anyone have an idea how I can get the swivel to swivel and the hinge to hinge within their own spaces so it works believably?

Any input is appreciated, esp. if you can build an example armature joint and post the .blend file for me to work off of.

Thanks all!

massive update time!

…sorry I haven’t kept you guys posted in so long.

here’s a few test renders of my fully rigged (finally) and textured model.

bit of tweaking left to do, etc etc.
and might I just say:


…that was for the frustrations of trying to rig the joints in this guy’s shoulders and hips-- though I did figure it out.

here’s some pictures.

hope you like it!



nice job

tried a quick, 5-minute composite test here.

just playing around.


realy good! you were right when you said masive updates its been a while since i checked this thread out but youve done a really great job!

Nice design work et…This androidish model has a unique feel for sure. I like the inner workings you’ve conjured up.

thanks for all your comments!

here’s another quick comp test, just because.