Robotics arm / Lattice

Hello all,

On the right site, you can see what i want to make. it seems like a lattice is perfect to do such an animation. But the Problem is, that each object should not deform!! it just should move through the lattive and take the right rotation! it should look like the one on the left side!

Does anybody know how to it the fastest way? or in general how to make it working? :slight_smile:


hm, i tryd it this way now:

Does anybody know, how to deacticate the slow accerlating? it should have 100% of the speed immediatly!


Change the IPO keys from bezeir to vector, by selecting the curves in IPO editmode, and pressing V

hm, i dont see an IPO from the path…


Ah i got it. You have to switch to object type: pathes :confused: is that new? :slight_smile:


No, It’s been arouns since the olden days of 2.25 :smiley:

and what that: When i parent something to a path, i cant move it… it is possible, but the axes are all around and it s not really moving where i want…



I’d do that with an armature rather than a lattice.

Since there are 4 pieces of pipe, just have 4 bones, call them Pipe1, Pipe2, Pipe3, Pipe4
Then parent the 4 pipes (one at a time) to the armature, choose “Use Bone” and pick the approprate one.

Here, you can see, what i wanted to do. I thing to make it with a PATH and a time offset of each Object is the easiest and best solution.

Ok, the material is flickering. i need to fix a few things :slight_smile: