Robots and Lemons

This is a small project I’m working on in my spare time. I don’t have a name for it yet, but it has to do with a small robot’s quest to find a lemon (strange, I know)

Here’s my progress so far… The screen shots are in Cycles


Here’s some more screenshots… What’s missing from the door? I can’t figure out why it’s looks so bland…


I think the modelling of the door is great, and once you get some textures on it, that “bland” fel will dsappear. The only thing I could think of is maybe a viewing window in the door, but if this is the opening scene to your animation, you don’t want to give the game away straight away as to what is in the compartment.

Either that, or as the camera sweeps in, have very few lights on, so as the robot powers up, you can see a few lights come on in the window as if it is booting up, ready to find those lemons…

I may add a window… Initially, the doors were large and made of glass but it looked like a shower.

The entire facility is abandoned so the door needs to eventually look really dirty and such.

And the robot will indeed seek his lemons!!

Here’s a test animation of the door opening

I’ve done a little work on the robot… I’ve given it a bit more detail, not much yet…


Looking good - For some reason, the Robot reminds me of a cat…maybe its the “ears” lol

Good! It’s supposed to be reminiscant of a cat!

Make sure they aren’t combustable lemons!!!

Any project with ‘Lemon’ in the title has my support. :slight_smile:
Looks great.

Portal was actually the inspiration for this project!

I’m not satisfied with the design for the robot… Currently he can’t rotate his head. I suppose he could turn aorund completely but I’m wondering if I should give him a lower body.

Keep the design. Trust me.

Make his rotation come from the legs. It makes a very nice thing to both look at and to animate. A lot of fun, trust me!

Hey, really nice! I love that thing :slight_smile: I agree with Wefyb, I don’t think it necessarily needs to be able to rotate it’s head. Your choice, of course :slight_smile:

I suppose that I can get enough emotion from his movement and eye… His pupil kinda swims around in his eye lol

the two section next to his eye are going to be able to move sort of like eye brows

EDIT: my main problem is going to be rigging the model… I am terrible at rigging. Also, I’m having trouble with the overall look of the facility. I have no concept art and can’t draw any myself.

here’s some more screenshots


Here’s some screenshots of a walkway/conveyor belt I’m working on


Some more work on the conveyor belt