robots and stuff....

You just have to make a futuristic city at some point…
Render times got so slow that i had to cut it up into pieces and re comp in photoshop…I really need 12 cores and a new macpro…please be out soon.

Can you spot the metal mouse in the scene…?


And i spotted him.

Great work!

It`s so colorful! Great piece. :slight_smile:

So cool. I’m really into the metal mouse in the last picture.

It looks like a current gen Japanese videogame, really stylish and clean, some of the buildings look like they had parts built on a potter’s wheel.

Nice to see that your style of work has remained trippy and colorful after transitioning to Cycles, showing again that the engine can be used for more than photorealistic work.

Blown away. Amazing work. You really have talent.

loooove it! are you going to submit any other those to the BG contest?

Love it too. Design and colors sound very good !

What madness i love the image and is very interesting.Good job!:yes:

Why isn’t this in the top row yet?

I love how you worked the textures

Wow, very cheerful render! I’d really appreciate it if you told me how you achieved the scarring on the metal mouse. Very impressive.

fantastic complexity - this is stunning and fun work

That’s not robots and stuff!
That’s robots and awesome stuff!

Yay, Pokestuff stuff :smiley: Love your style and detailed work! Well done!

great stuff. I spotted the mouse but it took longer than I expected. The reflection makes him difficult to pick out.

Cool! Japanese styled robots. Not bad I have to say. :smiley:

i like it :slight_smile:
you should get a few prints made up, see if they sell.

So this is what happens when the “Hello, Kitty” creature gets an air-compressor hose stuck in its mouth. :slight_smile:

Very nice materials and lighting. The characters are cute and just the kind of thing you could market at a trade show. Well done.