Robots bar wanted for Telos & Telos Pet Store needs modeling. (unpaid work)

I spent quite a bit of time on making this game. it is a vast game, with thousands of dialog lines. So much of the game is still in stage one. The below image is the Telos pet store concept art for running the game in script form…

This is not the final look of the game as i hope to make this a full interactive 3d game, so this pic is just the concept ideas.

Things you might recognize. Fishy kat from Blender’s title splash screen was given me to use in my project by Manu Jarvinen the creator of the model. Many thanks to him, The Cat just needs now the rest of his body modeled!!

The Commander - I already have been given the model release for my commander, and he needs to be skinned (I have put up another ad to ask for that help) but at the moment hes in 2d form for now. It is a sci-fi interactive dialog storyline driven game with 8 party members in it so far.

For now I got descriptions of the bizzare pets in the store instead of 3d models of the alien creatures. Because the pet models have not been made yet.

This is a big project because it involves many systems and alien worlds so I have to
get it done in stages.

If any 3d modelers have the time and want to help me out to model it, then let me know.