Robot's legs. Need little help :/

Last time I’m trying create a whole robot. Actually I’m working on constraints. and mechanisms which will be included in my machine.
I figured out, how to make pistons, Shock absorber with working spring (Is made from single part, not created from modifiers - that was pretty hard). How to rig legs, and whole body… Here some examples of my solutions.
But still I have some problems to solve, and I need help. continuation in next post

THIS IS nightmare.
As you can see below, this hydraulic piston doesn’t work fine. It’s solution which allows piston move in few directions. But as you see, “heads” of bones aren’t tracked to each other properly…
This is my worst problem, which i need to solve before next step in my project…
Click here to view the original image of 960x540px.

link to file:…ew?usp=sharing


The problems are cyclic dependencies and using IK targets on different
objects, That usually provokes lag on the movements (the IK or other
constraints use the position on the precedent frame), The solution
usually is to add auxiliary bones,

Here’s the solution I found with your file:

Extrude a new bone from Bone.005, let’s call it Bone.005.Aux

Extrude a new bone from Bone, let’s call it Bone.Aux

Change the target of the IK on Bone.001 to Bone.005.Aux

Change the target of the IK on Bone.003 to Bone.Aux

Hope this helps.

Good job, BTW

a track to constraint to an empty should do the trick.