Robots like surf

For some time I wanted to do something related to Surf and also with 3D printing. That time has arrived accomplishing both things at same time. Rendered with cycles, and using fluid simulation for the foam.
And if you like, You can purchase the plastic toy in Shapeways:

360 rotation view here:

5 stars from me, I love it! :smiley:

Really nice work! Congratulations!

If I understood correctly the water is a static mesh and then you created some fluid sim for the foam… is it correct? I really like the effect!

You have some really great work. Love your animations! 5 stars. :slight_smile:

Yes, Exactly. The wave itself is a static mesh. Only the foam is product of fluid simulation, just letting some fluid mesh falling over the wave, that is the result.

Absolutely amazing piece that deserves so much more attention! I love the colors you have chosen, water and shaders are as good as the quality of the models themselves. Well done! The only thing I believe that could be improved is postproduction and composition. I would add something in down left corner, change the shot itself so that there would be more robot instead of water, add a little bit contrast and possibly gentle vignetting.

Still brilliant work and don’t really mind my few pointers. The work is good as it is now!

Many thanks to all!

I agree with most of your points. Specially the use of vignetting seems something almost obligatory actually.

Very nice work, congratulations! 5*****!

A few time ago I attempted at the rolling wave using particles, but the result was quite bad…

EDIT: I hope it goes in the top row, and if it pushes out that can of worms I’ll not cry, sorry Photox, nothing personal :smiley: