Robot's mask

Eppo, thank you and here is continuation of your cube model.

robo47head_2.blend (274 KB)


  • When you’ve made a cube for front mask, did you delete faces which you didn’t need and subdivided?
  • How to make small curved gaps on the mask and neck, without ruining the topology and shading?

Now I’m off to model middle part. :evilgrin:


np, glad you had some use of the start. Basically this is a top part of Cube with Subsurf lvl2 applied (Crtl-2, Alt-C -> Mesh are shortcuts to do this fast). In edit mode select all cube verts and Space bar search for To Sphere, hit ‘1’ - this will ‘spherify’ cube mes to more round shape.
Place your background images and shape cube mesh a bit so that loops line up with image, then extrude front section to the bottom eye line and continue extrusions. Use Front/Side views to adjust extrusions.

You’d need one middle part (dummy, core?) object you then use Shrinkwrap to ‘glue’ some default Grid patches on top. Gaps would come out naturally then.
Experiment on a default sphere first. When gaps are adjusted Apply Shrinkwrap modifier and add a Solidify which would thicken mesh above base surface and make gaps more prominent. You can delete inside faces using material assignment on the Shrinkwrap modifier and Select by Material after.