A little draw.Made with wacom tablet.

:smiley: Bye

wow…really awesome pic. especially good job with shading and highlites.
i know u used a wacom tablet:

  1. was it/ is it really useful for this kinda thing? (i mite get one)
  2. wat program did u use?
    my only suggestion would be to add a little more detail to the head, it seems to stand out because it is more geometric and doesnt have as much purple and cyan shades in it

I use “painter” sold with the tablette.
Explain me this that wants to say “kinda” because i don’t speak speak english very well.

Thank You .


by “kinda” he means “kind of” (or “sort of”)
“this kinda thing” = “this kind of thing”

I hope I helped :slight_smile:

nice concept. poor robot. i hope he gets what he wants. :smiley:

hehe lol thats really cool and funny :P.