Robust ball rig

This is an exercise in creating rig controls, and a potential basis for a number of animation studies. I plan on releasing the rig along with a small collection of rigged balls.

The rig’s controls are:
Root and main, controlling the overall armature at the armature origin and ball origin respectively.
Rotation, serves as main control for the ball’s rotation.
Stretch handles allow squashing from either end of the ball along the stretch axis.
Stretch axis Allows stretch axis to slide around under the surface of the ball, making it easier to bounce the ball off of walls without counter-animating rotation.

The rig can handle scaling of the root and main positional bones.


Lovely Rig, I like how you made the rotation separate.

You may have thought of this as you wanna release many versions of the balls but it may be economical to have a texture or geometry visibility switch that way the user has lots of options in one file.

I recognize this thread has been dead for a while - I completely forgot about it for a while when life took over. However, I think it’s worth mentioning that I have posted the completed rig on BlendSwap. Happy blending!


That’s a really dope rig!
But I have one small addition you might want to think about:
Adding the option to dent it in a place using modifiers. So you can make it deform unevenly when hit…