Roche World with metaballs

I’m trying to make a Roche World (binary planet where both components are in contact) using metaballs. Right now, my setup includes 2 giant metaballs with a high threshold. This gives me the shape I want, but it’s horribly low-poly, and I’ve turned the resolution as low (lower settings produce higher resolution? How intuitive!) as I possibly can. Is there a way to get a smoother shape without first converting it to a mesh and subsurfing it? I’d like as much of the shape as possible to come directly from the metaballs.

Did you try setting Metaball resolution / render setting at .05?

I thought I already mentioned setting that at 0.05 in the OP. Is there any way I can set it lower than that?

Play with Metaball Object Scale and, Radius i think, if you Tab into Editmode of Metaball. Play with Threshold at same time.
It is “kind” of “difficult” to work with.
about: lower setting produce higher Resolution. See the Setting as a “distance” or Detail Level… Like:
1 = I I
0.2 = I I