Rock and Roll All Night....

Hi, thi is my last work.
All done in Blender 2.62, render with Blender Internal.

pretty amazing! I would like to see this with A) less chromatic aberration and B) more dramatic lighting… but from what I can see, this is a very nice job.

Impressive work. I love the detail on the mouth and the eyes. Although a rocker of that caliber would likely have bloodshot peepers. ;o)

Nice… but Kemmler is right, the Chromatic Aberration is a bit too much, and also the mouth area is so clean that it doesn’t feel real. On the bright side I love the idea, the model, and most of all the facial expression.
Great Work

welldone! the expression is fantastic :smiley:

Great job!!!

Yep, the mouth looks like it has been cut out of cardboard.

Other than that - it really is fantastic.

I really like it. Just for the Lighting two usefull hints which would improve it a lot:

Keep on the good work!

are you sure this is not real? XD
great job, I would never be able to do such a thing :stuck_out_tongue: