Rock animation..

Here’s a link to my first animation … It’s just a simple thing. The textures aren’t special. What I really wanted to try out was the timing and if I’d get a real feel of weight to the rocks and the board.
Comments … crits? :slight_smile:
You need DivX codec to see it…


Looks pretty good. The board seems pretty rubbery, but it is almost a cartoon-like effect. The small pieces coming off the rock are a nice touch. It seems like you should just have a big “thud” with the thrown rock (no bounce) or one more small movement with it (rocking forward then settling).

You could play around with some camera tracking for additional practice. Maybe follow the first rock to the board or rotate to follow the thrown rock.

Thanks for the comments, blenderanim. You’re right. After watching the animation again I noticed that the bounce is not right. The rock doesn’t seem to have the kind of weight it’s supposed to have.

I’ll try the camera movements too. I didn’t even think of the camera view at the time I made the animation. Should be fun to test it out with mblur too…

I like the board a lot but it I really should make some small adjustments to make it not so rubbery… :smiley:

starting to work on it


I was thinking it was a “simple” project, but it has a lot of potential to demonstrate different effects.

DOF on the far rock
Do a ‘Matrix’ effect on the boulder just before it strikes the board
Different lighting
Different textures
Run the time backwards