Rock baby, rock !

Hi there :yes:

Here is a WIP for an image i have fininished or almost…
I want to share and know what you think about it…

The wires of all the head and body :

And here you can see the first render :

Then i tried to gate a great angle for the camera, playing with the cable of the mic to put depth in the image and put some lights.

Playing with nodes and the depht of field and the glow effect of the sequence éditor.

More playing with nodes (mix / add) and lighting + working a little bit on the hair in zbrush.

The final with particules for the Hair :

Hope you like it.



This could be a great animation.

Hi there Nowmad! Im Fruityboy. Im new here and to blender and 3d as a whole! Would like to comment on your blend!

Looks really good! Like the cartoon look. How long did that take you? How long you been modelling for? if you dont mind!


Nice! I really like this style.

Reminds me of Csupo!

Really cool style, you’ve definitely got some allround skills. Personally I always end up putting extra work on making a body and then I just get problems with it showing through the clothes:p

Hi thanks for the reply.

Fruity boy, i started blender one and half year ago (i did some stuff a very long time ago with 3ds but really simple things)

I think that i work like one complete week on this image. Like 2 days with modeling and the rest was for UV mapping (my first one) and lighting (learn a lot on this project) and finaly the nodes (first time too) wich are fabulous ! This is the key for making it cartoon.

Thanks bunny i didn’t know Csupo, i saw cartoon of them but didn’t know there name… and i like the comparison !

Jörzi, i didn’t make the body inside the clothes so i’ve no problems… and it’s better for armature.