Rock baby, rock !

Hi every body.

Here is my Rockstar.
What do you think of it ?
Blender internal + nodes + glow effect.
The WIP is here.


giant lips.
but everything else is great!

LOL, That is VERY disturbing, Nice job on everything, I laughed so hard… One thing is bugging me though his mic is solid on the receiving end, it should be a grid like thing. like this:
Or maybe make it an old school mic like this :

Ha! My kids would love that.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Avenger96 i’m agree with you the mic have not enough details !
If i have some time i’ll do that and the old mic is really cool maybe better !



Hi now…
Good job keep it up …
I think you are such be a good promoter this is free good advice form me
Don’t take it negative
keep in touch…

This is great. The style you got going on here reminds me of an old finnish rock parody comicNyrock City. Great stuff.

It’s pretty funny eh! The only thing I could see is that the hairs lack a bit of ehm… let’s say a greasy look. But the whole picture looks good! Maybe there’s a strange line on the character’s left leg, but I don’t know if this was intentionnal.

Hi stivemak,

Thanks for the compliment. But i don’t anderstand when you talk about promoter… ? Maybe did you see this image on an other place, and you’re right i need feed back for my real first image in 3D.

Hippie, you make me know the comicNyrock City wichis great, thanks :slight_smile:

Wooden dog i’m agree with the strange line, that was my first rigging and i had some problems like you can see. For the hair you told me that there isn’t enought brightness isn’t it ? The material is not good ? How can i make it better ?