Rock Buddha

I wanted to take my renders to the next level in my personal work. I was always happy with my work but the renders always had that ‘digital’ feel. I think I found the sweet spot on the lighting/coloring on this one after quite a while of tweaking. Very simple shader, using a rock map from Poliigon.
The material is as basic as a Diffuse mixed with a Glossy. The rest are all maps. A Color map driving color of the Diffuse shader, Gloss map driving Roughness of the Glossy shader, Normal map driving the normals of both shaders and a Reflection map driving the Factor of the Mix shader.
There is one mesh light in the scene. The background environment is solid black. The cameras have a 55mm Focal Length with a full sensor. For the depth of field I just set up the distance as far as I wanted and tweaked the radius until I liked the DOF.
I spent some time playing with the Color Management settings using the film emulation along with tweaking the Exposure and Gamma values. Rendered in Blender Cycles with 500 samples and a little bit of post also done in Blender like film grain, chromatic aberration and color balance.

Artstation project -


Very, very nice! I love it.
Have you considered adding some dust for upward pointing normals or more grunge in the crevices?

The result and the render are lovely. Although I’d say the shader is more like metal with strong patina and corrosion than rock. That impression comes from the fact that statuettes like this are often casted, maybe. But the shader and the geometry have some aspects of “metalness”. Especially the geometry of the base.

Lovely, nevertheless, indeed.