Rock Creation

I know I posted this in the Creating Water with all the goodness topic
but still I would like to know,
how can you create big rock structures that are rough and rugged but still not all square and dull looking,
I know it has something to do with subdividing, then assigning a material+ texture then you have to use the noise command, I just don`t know what type of texture to assign,
please Help

There are all kinds of ways to do it.

A simple way create a sphere and or a cube as a starting mesh. click the beauty button and then click fractal subdivide.

Probably my fav way to do it would be to use the perportional vertex editing tool. You can use this after getting a basic
shape with a number of verts. Select a few verts and use the
o key to enable/disable pet. Then just drag them a bit and
do it again.

After playing with the above a bit select all verts and hit smooth a couple of times.

to get a good looking rock model

you could eather write an surface dispacement shader and use 3delight,
this will give you the best and finest detailed rendering.

or use a grayscale picture deform a mesh with it and than withthe vertex move tool build a solid object means bending the mesh until it gets a volume!

Thanks for all your help
it is greatly appreciated