rock crystal mistery

hello out there
I want to recreate this piece of rock crystal, most of the crystal material in tutorials are all immaculate, without impurities,
and this is not so commen in nature, most of the materials has like these “cracks” and “airbubble” like structures om the inside…
how would you blenderheads take on this?
this is approx. an A4, 1cm thick “sheet”
thanks for having a look.

Modeling the impurities as meshes may be the fast way. Doing it with just a material will take you lost of time, and it’s more difficult to control the final look.
You can intersect the box with some irregular surfaces for the cracks, and then work with simpler materials.

This tutorial is awesome. It’s for modelling an ice block - but the concepts can be easily adapted.

Also check out this guy’s work

and this one

thanks a lot, that was very helpfull