Rock Cycle project(due:4/18/06)

Im doing a science project and i need some help really really soon be cause its due on thursday! its on the rock cycle…duh… i have all the rock types, the i have the actions(animations) that make them turn into new rocks, as shown above. but some rocks will only react to certain actions, i cant figure out how to do that. and also how do i make one object dissappear when i mke another pop up.

thanks for all the help.


What is the trigger of your actions? Do you have to press a button?
I mean what is the program supposed to do?

to make them appear - best way is to animate object color. make an ipo of alpha channel with proper blending, then add a logickbrick which plays the ipo.

ok, i have the different kinds of rock right, i have little animations that are triggered by a button, that animation will get rid of the current rock and change it to a new one. but for a specific rock only a few actions will work. for instance

only cooling and hardening is going to affect magma, it will turn into igneous rock.

igneous rock can be affected by 3 things: melting,Heat and Pressure, and weathering and erosion. each action will change it into a different rock. if you look at the rock cycle above you’ll see what i mean. but i dont under stand how to make each action end up differently when it is applied to a diiferent rock. and also how to make it dissapear when it turns into different rock.

here is the blend, i tried to do this all by myself but i am running out of time. thank you for your help

i forgot to tell you the
W=weathering and erosion
H=heat and pressure
F=Cooling and hardening