Rock eater 4WD

here is my custom made 4wd …what do you guys think ?

I like it! as it is in wip though i will give you some of my opinions
i dont really like the colour
its clean… lol (add dirt maps)
it would look really good if it was in a scene… maybe some kind of canyon or something

nice work so far :slight_smile:

i really like this! but the tires might be a little big, thats just me though. i also agree with natholas, some dirt would look great.

thank you for comments guys ! appreciate it!
Natholas … materials are just temporary now i will put probably lots of stickers on the car and make it dirty .
and for the outdoor scene i was thinking something like this

Terminator they are little bit too big i know :slight_smile: but i just want it to make it a bit over sized . I will put here some picture with smaller tires just to see the different .

sweet, cant wait to see it!

cool :smiley: that link gives me a 403 error… its good to know that you have a scene in mind though… looking forward to progress

That is so neat. You have plenty of detail here, so time well spent!

Here is my environment test…still lot of thinks to do …add some grass stones , some old/death trees and tune all the materials.

Looking good overall, but the steel part of the wheel (whatever it’s called) needs to look rougher and sturdier imo, something like this attached with heavy bolts to the axle.

Jorzi you right i changed them already but will do some more work on them and post them here later today.
Thanks !!

Here is my modified wheel ( BLENDERSTONE TYRE :slight_smile: )

now that looks great

Awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks Teminator and Jorzi
Today i have work on the tree and do some work on the paint/dirt on the car …will probably change it

Please give me some ideas for the texture / colors … i am not sure what to do with it …that car is unreal so no need for realistic paint…i just give it rasta colors for now :slight_smile: dirt is just temporary now…

I add some dirt to it

Nice! good looking mud u got there! I really cant stand such an awesome dirty car standing in a nice clean studio though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Natholas ! It was in the studio just for the texturing work i am planning something like this

another render i think i am getting closer to my final image .

You should place some light below the monster truck to give a radiosity look like, I think that the “pose” and angle are great for a final shot, but if was my image i would drop the tree in the back and work a little with node color correction…