Rock in Grass

Hi, in order to enjoy a self-made rock texture, I created this simple scene.

[SUP](It looks much nicer in full resolution, so I recommend that you click it.)

However, it’s too simple to justify as a finished project. The area behind the Rock makes the whole scene look so empty, but I wanted to have an open field. Also it seems to me that the depth is not well definied in the picture, and I can’t tell why. I already tried to use some DoF and put a few plants in the foreground, which improved it, but I’m still not satisfied.

I think it’s an ok redner with effort and all, but if it was a real photo, I wouldn’t like it.
Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the scene?


the overall look is great. but the grass doesnt look like grass. where i live grass is a bunch of stripes with a sharp tip at the top. your grass looks like little bushes that comes in rows. looks more like moss.

Yes, my fault, it shouldn’t be just grass, but a mix of grass and weed and very small bushes, like you can find in forests or fields that remained untouched for a long time.
One could say, it’s a fluffy kind of grass.

The Rock in Grass is now a Scanned Rock in Fluffy Grass (with another fellow Rock).

I captured the Rock yesterday using Autodesk ReMake and 44 Photos (doesn’t really work for closeups).
Then I chose a lower camera angle and cropped the top and bottom a bit.

A smaller rock and some bushes have been added on the left side to eliminate empty space. I also reduced the particle amount for more variation in the grass, but it’s still not small enough.

Verygpod, although the grass resembles miniature trees, making the rocks seem like mountains. How did you create such detailed and believable textures?

Ah, I see it. I should probably throw in more small stuff for definition of scale.
The Rock on the second image is 3D scanned using Autodesk ReMake. It has a free version.
I have my own Rock textures, too but I suck at sculpting and motivating myself to learn it. You can see that in the first image. However I was pretty convinced that this rock looks realistic, until I saw the scanned one.
The texture on the first one is just one tileable texture with normal and Specular map. For a more realistic result, I would mix it with another rock texture randomly and put a Moss texture on top, depending on the normals.