rock/metal girl

It’s been almost one month that I’m taking my time to work on a new feminine model. She’s got no name already but is almost finished. I will try to intergrate her in a better “environment” that a colored background, we’ll see.

I try this time to manage better my texture in the aim to reduce my render times whitout affecting the quality. I find that for that level of details, a diff tex map of 1200x1200 is enough.

I got to touch a little bit the neck, seperate the texture of the interior of the eye and lower the roughness of the gloss… do the same for the lips maybe, afinate the end of the hear, it’s a little stiff. Touch again for the tenth time my backscatter mask and maybe make a different type of hair particles for the inferior eyelashes. I could lower the roughness of the face gloss but if you watch it from the right side view as the key light reflects on the skin as a back light, the glossy is quite… glossy already so I won’t increase it.

Here’s a front shot of the body without the SSS

Maybe I will redo the t-shirt enterely, I don0t know yet.

And here are the shoes.


I could put more love on these, enhance the seams displacement maps (which don’t work all the time, I don’t know why) but since I know I won’t focuse on those shoes, I can let them like that… I assume, but what do you think?

I know I said it was almost finished but I find much more interesting to concentrate on finding a better shader and… it was worth it.

There’s little problems at the rear of the head but since it’s gonna be hidden by the hair I let it like that.

The motivation to work more on the skin went by looking at the WIP of Zeke Faust but inspired myself from Kent Trammell.

I made a totally new diff map and SSS maps, a new sculpt with normal maps baked and added a displacement map (what I didn’t do last time). That let me to have a better control of the glossiness.

Since I made so much effort on the skin I’m gonna make newer and better eyes and better hair too. I maybe tempted to change the shoes and I definitively gonna make another t-shirt, a black one, maye an Iron Maiden one :wink: Up the Irons and keep blending !!

I changed the lips a bit but I will have to concentrate on them tomorrow. I also changed the glossiness and tested a more homogeneous lightening to see how the shader reacted with more light.

I think the eyes are too far apart - there should be a single eye width between the two, and the inside corners should line up to the side of the nostrils. The center of the eye should line up to the corner of the mouth.

Since it doesn’t take much time to render yet, I posted another test. Here’s one sun in zenithal and an hemi at 20 degrees front to see how the shader reacted with strong lights. It seems okay.

@ Craig Jones

Okay, thanks, I’will definitevely change that. One eye distance between two eyes, I didn’t know that. It is a helpful reminder. Thanks.

The node setup. It’s not that it is particularly complex or innovative but it may interest some poeple. Furthermore if someone may have a critic or an advice concerning the skin he may see better what needs to be changed.

I think this model bares the hallmark of too much modeling happening in orthographic mode. For organic models I really think it helps if you model and work exclusively from perspective view with a camera lens of 50mm and above. The biggest give away of too much modeling happening in orthographic is the size of the cranial mass which is too small.

Orthographic projection is a jacked up mode of projection that has it roots in engineering/cartography so I think you need to stay as far away as possible from it when doing organic work. When working on blueprints of cars etc it helps because the top, side and front views are done in orthographic projection.

But if you are working with photography of people or drawings from a concept artist the inherently have the regular or natural perspective in them. That is why when you buy high quality photo reference from for example the always list the size of lens the used to capture the model with.

Sorry to rant on like this but this is something I notice far too often on BA

@tyrant monkey

You’re right I model in general in ortographic view… the reason for that in that case is that I used portrait references images that were took at more than 100mm. But… you’re quite right about the fact that I should model more in the perspective view. That problem accured when I did my second character, the perspective was totally messed up it was weird. For that reason now when I model in orthographic, I set my camera with a 35mm sensor and a lense of 50mm to go on and back to the camera view to check the perspective. I find that the natural view of the perspective view is a little too wide. The sensor is set at 32 mm, that’s weird.

But all thos precautions don’t prevent me to have perspective problems either. I have a lot of problems to find the right “roundness” of the parts of the body. I don’t know if you know ehat I mean… when the lef is round and when the leg begins to be a little flat… idem with the head, the torso… I can take hours and hours just twiking the verts to enhance the curve of the model.

But if you say that orthgraphic modeling isn’t very used instead of the industrial CGI work, I must change my habits and use only the perspective view. Thanks for the remaks, it’s helpful for me to get the right habits.

Here are two pictures with a 50mm focal length and a 35mm sensor.

I followed the Craig Jones and Tyrant Mokey ones and reshaped the head. You were right, I think it’s better like that. I can’t say that the head looks like the model I used but it wasn’t the point. I will have to retouch the ears and the neck.

She’ll look a lot more feminine if her hips are wider than her shoulders. As it is, her shoulders are wider than her hips, which makes her look mannish.

imo, the profile could use some adjusting. I did a paint-over.

Okay, thank you all of you for your advices.

I’ll check the "shoulder / hips " when I concentrate on the body again.

I modified a lot of little things since last time. The shader is the same except some tweakings.

I just need to refine the backscatter map.

I did new eyes. The painting of the veins isn’t perfect but it will work as it is I think.

Just a thread to claim that: "Blender’s 2.74 version’s new hair particle system is soooooooooo greaaaaaat !! It’s a f___ pleasure !! you can plaster down the hairwithout collision problems. There’s so much control over the children too. Thank you “Gooseberry”, Blender and all the teams.

The back of the neck and the eyelids still look strange.

I worked on the model and managed to find a shape closer to the original model and that suits me well enough. I changed some things in the shader too and tried different things. Here is a comparison between diffferent blend modes in the SSS layer which is compoed of a backscater map, an epidermal and a subdermal one, according to Kent Tramell realistic face tutorial.

I’m a little bit disturbed by thw white of the eyes though. They are too white in my opinion. They must be a little more yellow I think. I must fix this.

Here’s a shot of the hair I’m gonna use. It’s different from the first one as I found that the hair cut didn’t fit to the shape of the head. Shorter hair highlights the neck and since she has a long “beautiful” neck (in terms of human esthetics not in term of modelling especially I mean), it is better like this. So we can say that this girl has a face near Anna Karina’s one and a haircut like Jean Seberg in “A bout de souffle”. I didn’t do it on purpose. I hope Jean-Luc doesn’t go mad about the unlikeness of my inspirations and never see this thread, what I tkink he will never do.