Rock monster animation

Hy everybody. I just wanted to present you my new project: An rock monster animation. I realy wanted critics on this one cause I’m working on it for some time. If someone know some good tricks to hard-rig an asymetrical, weird shaped rock guy, PLS tell me, lol.


This looks a lot like the Storm Atronach from the Oblivion RPG. If you want to simulate the wild movement of that monster as it travels you will need to have a bone for each rock (the hands and fingers can be one thing).

My suggestion would be to have a normal FK or FK/IK armature for humanlike movement but have each rock mesh as an individual object, each parented to a bone that is in turn parented to the apropriate bone in the human armature( but not connected). That way, body movement can either be controled in a humanoid movement or the individual rocks can go flying about. Put the single bones in a layer by themselves so they can be selected easily and separately from the humanoid armature. You can have the rocks fly about and easily return them to their original human location by advancing an appropriate number of frames, select all the single bones, hit Alt-G (clear location) and key the result.

Hmmm… I never heard of obvilion :confused:. I drew that in one night and I thought it would be cool to make him chase me in a little animation.

All the rock are seperate objects, my only problem is range of movements.

I’ll continue to post update. I’m gona film the chasing scene now (glad I have my little sis to record me :rolleyes:.

Thanks for the comment Bobg :slight_smile:

Oblivion is an RPG video game that people spend hundreds of hours playing…not me though!

And you did well to not do so :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you can see an atronach from Oblivion:

On that game, each rock part of the atronach spins individually, but they all move with the body, so I guess you can make 2 sets of bones, one of them only for rotation of parts and the other for the rest.

I don’t think my guy look like that at all :no:. And the rock won’t be rotating (I want him to be more human like)

I’m modeling his mass now


Wow… It realy took me time lol… I’m realy busy and limited in time… but I did it.


a good tip for rigging an asymmetrical character? do it by hand :stuck_out_tongue:

just don’t turn on bone mirroring

Update: The rig is done