Rock On

My tribute to the scorching hot season in my country. Can you find the Easter egg in this image? :wink:

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Hahahaha XD Nice! Slow clap for you

Five stars.

Another masterpiece bro

This turned out great man, brilliant work!
I saw some of your earlier OpenGL and clay renders on facebook :slight_smile: I really like the texturing of the statue, is it procedural or image textures?
Also, the floor’s vegetation looks fantastic :smiley:

Is the easter egg the little snail in the bottom left hand corner? it took me a while to spot him lol.

That’s great! Your work continues to impress me every week.

Great job! Nice snail. :wink:

awesome!!! how did you make the palm trees??

It’s the snail! He’s still on his journey! Good to see him.

Great image, lots of fun and it looks really outstanding. Very fleshed out and feels like a real place. I’ve been looking at rocks all week, so the theme feels right at home in my head. Another outstanding work!

Back in the times of better days of Easter Island :slight_smile:

The quality at first glance appears to be quite consistent with what we can expect from you, though it does seem kind of jarring to see such a well known member posting an image that has an obvious terminator issue on the nose of the main subject.

is wow but ,… what, or why not.

count me!.. in

Great work, as usual, Reynante!

The stone textures are image-based. :wink:

And yep, it’s the snail from “A Long Way to Go.” Nice find! Hehe! :smiley:

Haha, love it. It has this punk idea of hitjacking brand logo into punk message.

Well done Reyn:) Love the palm trees and the lighting…nice and warm:)

Thanks, Androol and Derek. :slight_smile: