Rock Pack Vol.1 Free

I’ve been practicing photo scanning rocks and made a collection that I thought I would give away for free. Includes 4k PBR Color, Normal and Roughness maps.

Most of the models were brought down from around 20 million verts. All models are seamless and watertight. The normal maps were made from mixing the high poly bake and a normal map made from the color texture. I hope you all enjoy.

Top View

Bottom View

Check out some more free photoscans I have on Sketchfab.ImpressiveLongGrayling-max-1mb



By the way, how did you photoscan them?

I used agisoft metashape to make the high res and then baked the high to low in blender and xnormal, I’ve been testing them both and xnormal gives a little better result but is an extra step.

Thank you, I will use this in future for some stuff, for sure.
Here is quick test render, with your rocks.
btw. I love red rock, color and structure, in render I use gamma and HSW node to match color from other rocks.

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Glad you like them really nice looking render.

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thank you very much! :wink:

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