Rock Warrior! Guitar Hero clone.

Hola, I am currently taking a break from Existence for a week or so, which means that I have enough free time to start a project I have always wanted to do…

Rock Warrior! (Name not final :wink: )

My Goal. To seamlessly integrate any frets on fire compatible song into the BGE. So far after 2 days work, its been coming along nicely. All notes are recognized and flow across the screen nicely, its easy to switch songs.

But I do have one problem that I cant seem to fix! If the song’s tempo changes then the notes become out of sync. I have tried a few solutions to remedy the problem, but no luck so far. If anyone has any ideas, I could pm the code to them.

Songs you can download and use with this program -

Now the Screens:


coool looks good

HAHAHA, this ll be cool, IF you want some help cont on me I love this kind of game!
I cant script almost nothing, but I can help you with models, scenes.

Looking good! I am looking forward to playing this when it is released. :yes:

Thanks for the replies.

I mostly fixed the tempo issue. Still a few bugs.
I think I will release this game online.

@leonnn: Sounds good. Once I finish the tempo issue, and get everything running nicely, I think I will start a community project with this. See if it can get off the ground.


ok. fine, Im a musician, we can use some of my musics for the game since it ll be hard to find music to use on the game!

Yeah to pack with the game, but people will be able to use any song in this website

this is awesomesauce!

[kind of like mi’ note, just a shitload more technical. :D]