Rockband Scene - Catoni

Hello community! ive been out for a while, working on new projects. This time i had to work on a scene for a National Rock band called “Catoni” . The idea they brought to me was a disordered table with scratches, thrash, alcohol, cigars, etc, and a lot of rock. So i started to work with that ideas.

Learned some node mixing materials, like adding scratches and fingerprints. Here are some shots, hope you like it! You can find more in my ARTSTATION PORTFOLIO


this is nice
i like it
i only have few things to say,
the notebook looks to big for the rest of the objects
and the skull looks to small !!
other thatn that it looks really amazing

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thanks for the feedback!, actually the notebook its big beacuse its going to be a lyric video, so lyric songs will appear on it :sweat_smile:

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oh in that case go for it !!!
ther is nothing els i can say than awesoem work !!!

Who took the remote? I left it right here. Where the heck is it? Oh and the drumsticks are too skinny and need more contour and the mic looks a small for that style of mic. In general I think you might want to take a look at everything and try to create a consistent scale. I

Yeah, i should work on that better next time, thanks for the observation :+1:

Very nice !
How did you make that cracked plaster wall if it is not a secret? Thx

hey there… its a Megascan texture, which you can find HERE