rocker switch

My first ever blender project
Comments welcomed


Nice one! :yes: Looks like a rocker switch. Have you got a larger project in mind?

Eventually an entire flightdeck of a 747-400
small steps

Great! When other members complain they don’t get how to do large complex models, we will refer them to your thread! :evilgrin: Welcome to BlenderArtists :yes:

Good start.

Make a cutout in the top of the cube the switch itself now simply inersects and you’ll have a nice start on your 747.

It seems that your panels at the bottom are overlapping a bit… is that one purpose or by accident? You can just rightclick and select Horizontal from the popup…

I like the text on the button. Looks like it fits well :slight_smile:

O yes… I tend to give my meshes and objects the same name. It’s not compulsory but it does make life easier in the end. Just keep your cursor over the name of the object, Ctrl-C and the Ctrl-V on the name of the mesh and voila! :slight_smile:

Okay enough preaching for one day!

Thanks for the feedback
It was my very first 3D model
did not over lap panels on purpose.
And as I progress I’ll keep you all up to date with the project

If you can find the modifier stack (hit F9 with the cursor in the buttons window and look to the far right) you will see a dropdown menu, select the rocker switch base and then choose edgesplit from the menu, it should look better.