Rocket exhaust

Here’s the problem. I have a rocket/missile with particle emitters parented to it that leave fire and smoke behind the rocket. Simple common setup. When the rocket is animated at slow speeds everything looks perfect, but at high speeds the rocket is jumping quite a bit from frame to frame, which leaves the fire and smoke in little “poofs” behind the rocket. I’ve had this problem in the past, but fixed it by creating faces in the emitters that extend well behind the rocket, so instead of releasing particles at one location every frame, it leaves them spanned out. The issue with this is that when the rocket is first taking off, particles "appear out of nowhere behind the rocket. This was fine in some of my other projects where you never saw it taking off, but now it’s a problem. Whats the best way to work this problem out? If I could make the length of the emitter grow as the rocket’s speed increases that would be a solution… but there is no way of speed calculation as far as I know of… I can post some screenshots if that would make this less confusing!:yes:

Thanks in advance,


You could add a scale IPO to your emitter faces so they grow larger as your rocket leaves the ground.