rocket exploration

After a long period of abortive attempts to try and learn to use blender, it suddenly turned out more or less succesful (much to my own surprise).

This version I like best:

This one is with Ambient Occlusion:

I hope you enjoy it,


Wow what a difference only by ambient occlusion, did you also change the colors or lamp settings?
And about your picture, it’s a nice start.

I like the panorama view and the rocket fits to the landscape very well!! Same stile. But it looks like the horizon is very close to the rocket. To avoid that feeling you can add some mist effect to get atmospheric perspetive. A second addition to a better feeling of space is to add some more (little) mountains, or the silouet of a city at the horizon.


i think the one with AO looks more realistic, but i like the first one best.

i just realised sumthing its a great image and all but why the hell did he clime up that mountaine thing to put a flag?

Good use of AO on the second image, put some fog down to hide the horizon a little tweaking the height value so it’s real low as so the sky would remain visible.