Rocket Fire Issues

Hello, I am expanding on a previous project and adding fire to the exhaust of a rocket that is following a curve. However I am running into a few issues that I cannot seem to resolve. The first issue is that I can only get my flames to render for roughly 270 frames. After that point they just freeze or disappear. I have let it animate and so forth but no matter what I do, after frame 270 they are gone. My second issue is I cannot seem to add a flow of fire to a circle but if I use a 3D object it somewhat works. I should mention that my frames total count is 1400. I have tried using particle systems as well as the quick effects but neither seem to work for me. I have tried to follow a few youtube guides but when the particles do render they always stop at or around frame 270 which is an issues as the rocket doesnt even start to move on the curve until frame 180.

As for the fire disapearing, you need to extend the simulation time. I am not on a computer with blender so I can’t tell you whee that is, but the default is 250 frames.

It is. The rocket is actually in the globe and does not take off until a certain frame, 180. Then it lands at frame 1300. So I have the start time set to 190 and end time 1390 but the flames still freeze at or around frame 270.

if you are using a particle system is that also set to emit for 1390 frames?