Rocket Shield Rotate Problem

Hey, for the heck of it (And because I didn’t know how to) I decided to try to model and animate a rocket that has those metal strips that come down to funnel the projectile.

Heres where I got stuck:

As you can see the point of rotation for the individual strips is in the middle of the outside top point. I want to rotate around this point, but OUTWARDS from the center point!

I don’t know how to do this, or set it up. And if there is a better way to do this type of effect someone please share!

  • Thanks for all the help ahead of time

You whant to rotate them for animation purposes or for transformation purposes?
In the first case you can use Armature bones to control the correct rotation.
In the second case you can define a custom transform axses based on edge orientation - for this use View->Transform Orientations pannel

Hi bryanandhalie,

Had a good play with this and came up with the attached file for you
to reverse engineer. Just hit ALT+A to see the animated fins open and

Put together with Array Modifier using an Empty to control the radial
placement of fins. Then animated in edit mode using a Shape Key.

Not perfect but something that may help you?

Kindest Regards



Rocket Parts 002.blend (145 KB)


Here is another attempt using two Array Modifiers to create two
nozzle’s overlapping. A bit like the F-18 directional afterburner nozzle.

Again hope this helps.




Rocket Parts 003.blend (146 KB)