Rocket Ship pictures (my latest work)

This project really got out of hand for me. It took about seven months. Most of the time was spent on the smoke coming out of the rocket. This is part of a larger 40 second animation.

both pictures don’t work, 404 I guess

The secnod one works. The smoke looks great. Nice picture

They work fine for me, just copy paste… I must say those are really nice pictures, you seem to have used mBlur in the first, why didn’t you use it in the second? It looks REALLY neat! The smoke effect looks wonderful, does it look good in the animation?

The links doesn’t work :-? :frowning:

I think the smoke looks great in animation. I never quite got it to billow like I wanted to but it’s close. The render times for just the smoke (was rendered seperately) were about 10 minutes a frame and in the final animation there’s about 120 frames of smoke.

The first picture has motion blur because during this whole sequence the camera is shaking. Some frame are more heavily blurred than others. I picked an unblurred one so you could see the details of the room more clearly.

cool rocket, very clean render, I like it =D

Good looking pics…links worked ok for me :smiley:

The only thing I would add to give the entire animation more of a realistic feal (and a butt-load more rendering time) would be DoF. If you separate the rocket from the background I think the scene would be given a touch of realism making it more believable. Remember, even some cartoons use DoF :smiley:



I hope you’ll open the roof before rocket takes off :slight_smile:

Smoke is great, but it is too lighthened, IMHO, maybe less ‘Add’ in the halo material? I mean, looks like there are lamps within filtering also far from the rocket whereas there should be only the engine light


There are three lamps above the smoke so that’s where all the light is coming from. I think I did try to turn down the add but then it wouldn’t composite right. Yeah, the roof does open before it blast into the air.