Rocket Ship to the Moon....

Hey folks,

Knocked this out quickly because i was bored…

Not exactly amazing, but maybe fun for 30 seconds or so… :wink:

press “up” for thrust, try and land on the moon…


It went too fast! Please don’t use dRot.

Nice game! Very simple.

Real quick game, but still pretty nice. Drot doesn’t really give me a problem unless Saint_pill changed it.

Jason Lin

Please don’t use dRot.

:expressionless: there’s no problem with using dRot (actually in this case it works very nicely), you might just have to tweak the value a bit if it’s way too fast…

Nice game! Very simple

Thanks :smiley:

i like it.
:stuck_out_tongue: .
Kind of simpel


I think it was pretty Cool :smiley: !