Rocket Ship

Im modeling and animating two Rocket Ships for this movie me and my friends are making. I was going for a kind-of Cartoony look. The movie is mostly real people and all, but theres going to be a space scene thats entirely 3D animation (with some Post Production In AE). Im really new to blender, so here is my first model. I don’t mind remodeling it over again if anyone has tips on a method that might look better. Also, what would be the best way to texture somthing like this?

Well . . . it looks like a rocket ship, and it looks cartoony. So you’re pretty much on track, I suppose.

As for the texturing - it depends on your goal. Simple modelling often needs only simple texturing, unless you want the textures to add detail that the model lacks.

With very basic shapes (cylinder, sphere, planar objects, etc.) you can use the simple mapping options. If you want more control, use the UV mapping tools.

I think you should add big cartoony rivets and seams. otherwise, good!

My 2 cents on texturing is that if you want it to really look good, learn how to UV map. This includes learning how to make textures in a graphic editing program (PS, Gimp, etc.)

Cool, Thanks. Im definently going to try and put rivets in the space ship, but was wondering if i should model them, or include the in the texture, or both. Also, The rocket fins and cockpit are all on seperate object things, how should I go about the UV mapping?