Rocket silo with blast off launch sequence - cycles camera track smoke sim[C3ZjNb4VZ4k

Thanks for any feedback.

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Thank you for the embed repair Richard.

I hope they brought their barf bags!

Good animation, Blast_uk! A lot of fun to watch. Long tracks can always be a pain in the butt if your tracking points aren’t great. Hopefully they didn’t give you too much trouble!

It was good, but the domain was clearly shown the the smoke was limited in the invisible box.

Thanks James. The track wasn’t too much trouble. Theres a couple of times I remember where the model twitches but on the whole I was happy to accept that for my first attempt.

Yes XeroShadow I spent a lot of time trying to get the smoke sim right. In the end I settled but next time I will know what to look out for.

Thank you for the feedback guys!

Awesome anim. I would’ve said the same stuff above but wanted to say it was cool.

Thanks Dorien. It was a good little project to start with and I learnt alot from using Blender.