(sten) #1

Hey, I am slightly back in 3D creating, I will thank wp/SLID3 for that :smiley:

I came up with this tonight a very early WIP , details are not added,
only some lighting to show off the model, I hope you like it

I have an idea for it as well, but I wont tell it yet…

And Noooo !!! it is not a wireframe model, to all of you who have
wrong on your eyes, get some glasses please !!! :x

the texture is metalplated pattern :wink:

(ScottishPig) #2

Really cool model. Nice texture. No flame? Well, this IS a WIP, I suppose… nice. Very nice comicbook feeling.

(paradox) #3

Yay Stonzy is back. Well done on the rocket. Nice WIP.

(Appolonius) #4

wow great start. The shape is awsome!

(lerpiedood) #5

Interesting rocket. It makes me feel all good inside.

(kaktuswasse) #6

nice cartoonish and tintin-like rocket! I really like the lighting :slight_smile:
cya henrik

(sten) #7

here is some update, with flames and moodlight:

and for those who wants a wallpaper the size of 1024x768 pixles, 258 kb:

(S68) #8


Ztonzy is back!!!

Nioce to see another work of yours!

/me wants more


(sten) #9

thanks Stefano 8)

(kaktuswasse) #10

nice, how did you do this burning?

cya henrik

(BgDM) #11

Nice start. Great particle system as well. Reminds me of 1920’s sci-fi stuff. Great model.


(bmax) #12

yep, good work, but you need to add a lot of detail - but, yes, i know its still wip… :smiley:

(theeth) #13

really cool!

for the particles system, did you use a lattice or a negative Norm on a circle emitter?


(Andy Goralczyk) #14

this is where i break the silence
hey, that’s really nice ztonzy. great to see ya posting again.
i hope ril helped you - at least a bit - out of your creativity crisis.
i hope there will be more things…
…and more projects…
…and more images…
…and more animations…
…and even a place in the CJ for ztonzy
/me screams at the CJmakerGoof: “CJmaterial!!!”


(sten) #15


thanks, that was nice of you!!

I hope I can “blend” you with my final stuff
when finished…

I am happy that some of my inspiration is back,
I would like to thank wp/SLID3 and Wings3D for that

sorry for the inconvenience before,
good luck with your surprise

(blengine) #16

really good lighting and particles! the ship rocks too 8)