Influenced by the Saturn V from the Apollo era, but not directly modeled by it. When finished it will be a three stage booster for missions to the Moon or Mars. This is just the first stage that will lift the spacecraft to about 70 miles in altitude before detaching and falling back to the ocean.

Critiques & Comments welcomed.

Very nice! I look forward to seeing the final!


loving the attention to detail especially where the tube/hose merges with the exhaust

Yeah, I have a lot of reference images to look at, and the complexity of real thing makes my model look way underdeveloped. The real thing has tubes and pipes and hoses galore.

awesome! looking forward to it!

Stage 2 is more or less complete. Here’s a few more renders…

Stage 1, Inter-Stage, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Payload Area finished. Now onto the actual spacecraft that will sit onto of all of this.

Great job. Are you going to release the blend? I really wanna see the wires. Particulary those at the engine, through the line thingo would be nice as well.

This is all the modeling I’m going to do for now. Time to start texturing.

sweet! How can your computer handle that?!

Well, I have it all split into groups on 11 different layers. So my computer only has to handle bits and pieces of it while I work on it, until I render.

pretty slick, ussually, I go overboard and mine crashes, :slight_smile:

looks excellent so far!