Just a little char I made. He is rigged too. Tell me what you think. Any ideas(if they apply) on making the head and body better?

I thought the shiny sphere renders were dead:D ? Is this close enough?

The character could use some details and make him less reflective. I;d say give him better eyes cause the eyes arrest the viewer.

You could round a bit the ?claws?, black bits on the paws…
And the eyes could be more expressive.
Funny design, I find! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of my cow

LOL. Ok. I will touch up the claws and eyes right now. Will be done in about 20 mins.

What do you think?

Does the head move make it look better?

Comments Anyone?

OH! A chrome owl! Didn’t notice that before, it’s birdlike now. But i think you can do more than a headmove since you rigged it already. Put him in an environment and give it a more organic pose.

What kind of pose do you sugest?

Cool, it really looks like an owl now!
I have a bizarre image in my head right now, this owl would be a perfect avatar for a character in cyberspace, like in Neuromancer.
Maybe place it in a bizarre/futuristic cyberspace setting, like a chrome tree, with data packets flying around. Ah, my imagination’s running wild again.

Dude! This Is Sooo Cool!!!

LOL. Thanks guys. I will work on some kind of background now.

With a Neuromancer-data exploration-like background, it could be fun, yes!
'Look forward to seeing the results!

LOL. Work on a rough draft.

Evil koala from the matrix?

The reflection in the eyes makes him look very angry.

its also to obvious you just put a cube around it…


is this a finished project?
[coz I sure don’t get it] :stuck_out_tongue:

if your gonna use a cube background, make sure the textures on each side “fit” together

The reflections on the body should be equal to the reflections on the feet. Other than that, this is an awesome little model! Could you upload the .blend? I’d love to see it in an animation :smiley:

Now I have the sudden urge to make a spherical chrome dog… fires up blender