Rockford Designs

Hey ppl it has been a really long time since i have been here. My blender has stopt working outta nothing so I have’nt done blender in 6 months :S I just downloaded blender again and it just started (to weird) :S Anyway I looked if I still knew everyting and since my site is I just made this simple basic thingy that is pretty simple to make, but i’m re-learning my skills again :stuck_out_tongue:

Comments please.

never knew wood was reflective.

Very clean/polished wood can be. Look closer.

Looks good so far.

I know some things has to improved but I forgot alot in my “not blender time” :stuck_out_tongue:

not so reflective; maybe a little bit fresnel…

I think colors could be more…happyness…I don’t know ow to say but it’s a little sad.
And wood is not so reflexive.

Yeah, your color balance is on the grey/cool color side. Try some warmer colors, maybe some extra contrast between the wood and letters, and possibly make the BG less grey?