Rocks / Cliff Face Tutorial?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial that can help me make a cliff?
I’ve been trying for a few days but i cant seem to make good looking rocks for my scene…
I’m making a building thats built into the side of a cliff face
And i’m aiming to make it as real looking as i can.

Have you tried using a reference image? Also, don’t forget the ANT landscape generator script. ( comes bundled ). Also, using a photographic rock texture as a displacement map can yield interesting results.

You might wanna try the cliffs I created. You can get it here.
I was thinking of writing a small tut on how they were done.
In short:

Make yourself a nice rock texture. I made mine using two different rock textures fom cgtextures, made them seamless and blended them a bit with GIMP. UV-map it onto a highpoly mesh that loosely looks like a rock. Sculpt the rock following the texture. Then simply use the polyreducer script.

Create a plane.
subdivide it a few times
Add multires
Sculpt up the basic shape of your cliff
use textures to add more detail
use retopo to make a simple mesh of similar geometry
bake the normals from the high poly

You now have yourself a cliff my friend!

Here’s a great tutorial set (which was surprisingly hard to find again)