Rocks & ThaiGrid releases render farm builder software with Blender support

ROCKSand ThaiGrid proudly present: ANImation STudio (ANIST) Roll, a Rocks’s Roll that will transform your cluster into 3D Animation Render Farm!

ROCKS is an open-source Linux Cluster Distribution that help you build Red Hat Enterprise Linux base Cluster within few steps. It has been widely used to build cluster around the world, including some clusters in Top500 Fastest Super Computer.

Release notes:

  • Includes some major open-sources 3D renderers[LIST]
  • Blender 2.44
  • YafRay 0.0.9, can be invoked from Blender
  • Pixie 2.2.2
  • Povray 3.6
  • MegaPov 1.2.1
  • Partial support for Autodesk? Maya? installation
  • Includes ILM’s OpenEXR support
  • Includes DrQeueue 0.64.3, a render farm manager with graphical job submission
  • An Animation Workstation node type, lets your ROCKS frontend control your design station.
  • Includes Samba support for workgroup file sharing.
  • Few movie & sound player & editor, such as
  • mplayer
  • ffmpeg
  • lame
  • faac
  • a52dec
  • Ogg and Vorbis
  • Theora
  • xvidcore
  • x264[/LIST] You can download the roll from
    MD5 Checksum is

e371ba87f013e83d5959deaa1d303e6a anist-4.3-1a1.i386.disk1.iso

Please consult included documentations for instruction and usage.

This is initial alpha release. It may still contains some bugs. Please feel free to report bug and don’t forget to give us feedback and opinions.

The development of this Roll is a collaboration between ROCKS and Thai National Grid Center, a member of SIPA, succeeding collaboration in PRAGMA grid project.