Hi, i am working on developing a story board for my digital design class, and this is where i am at: just messing around with blender, and trying to come up with a solid concept. Sometimes it helps to sketch, and sometimes just practise modelling. I am having a hard time refining what I am trying to achieve here, though… I modelled these rocks from scratch and did a simple 512 texture in photoshop to map them. Who knows where these will come in handy in my final product, but at least i am starting to do something :cool: lates

The lighting is pretty good and so is the texturing, for the most part. The rock in the foreground and the rock on the right have some texture stretcing, but other than that it’s one of the best rock textures I’ve seen in awhile…

Thanks for pointing that out, i was wondering if adding another loop would lessen the stretching, but i was wrong ;/ Also, its good to know that the texture gets the point across. I’m still in cahoots about whether my scene will be photo-real or not, in case you were wondering,

looks good, but don’t forget OSA in the final rendering;)