Rockstar Kung Fu Movie (A Sytnax Records short promo film)

OK people. It’s finally here. The full video.

(this is a continuation of a thread from WIP, but I didn’t know how to move it here since it’s finished)

The PB&J Show (Click to see a follow up video we did if you want to know more about the even)
was awesome. I ran all the video in between sets from a MacBook Pro.
I made a minimalistic Syntax Records logo animation as well that was looped on a
projector during performances. I would upload it, but it’s kind of boring to just sit and

Here on the other hand, is a more interesting short film we made. There really isn’t
anything from Blender until the end where I did a sloppy job at animating the logo
pealing off the can up to full screen, followed by the animated Syntax Records logo.

Note: The Sponsorship by Rockstar Energy Drink was official, but I don’t think this
video is up to par with TV commercials. We kind of just had fun with it. Sort of a
fun promo for the event. They provided us with 1,200 drinks!! Sugar rush galore

I did the camera, video editing, audio, animations, voice overs and all that. These are two of the guys I
work with. The big guy is MaxOne and skinny guy, Brandon Musser. Both from Sackcloth Fashion.
I had the idea, and Tim “sirROCDOMZ” Trudeau was the guy at the top helping to produce and fine tune it.

Rockstar Energy Drink Kung Fu Movie

You can check out other short films we done here:
And you can see some of the unprofessional Blender projects I’ve done as a hobbiest, here:

That is some fine acting and editing, LOL. The only thing missing was some cheesy fake blood and the obligatory wipe blood from mouth move that the hero always does before going ape sh!t on the bad guy. I loved that instead of using some high flaunting rig to pull guy that gets punched across the parking lot, that you instead had him run backwards the whole way. If there were Oscars carved out of velveeta cheese you and your crew would receive one. Keep up the good work.

lol. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
I love doing projects like this where we don’t have any big equipment
or elite film crew gear. It reminds me of how fun it was to make movies at home when
I was younger, with nothing but a camera and a tape. Now I can actually edit stuff
in Final Cut Pro which is awesome, but for this type of movie, I prefer using the bare
minimum. Low quality on purpose. It was done rough. There was even little grimme dirt and
junk on the camera lens while recording. You can’t really see it on YouTube though.

Oh and there was no blood because it’s was played at a Christian music event in Nashville during GMA week.
It’s more something for the family. …snicker

I have footage of the mock up version I made before this one and will probably finish it later for fun and upload
it to my personal profile.

Wait a second you have a record company named Syn Tax at a Christian music event. I know the wages of sin is death, but what exactly is the Tax of sin?

(Sorry, I have a mental condition that will not allow me to pass up a bad pun.)

Syntax, not sin tax. I wasn’t here from the start, so I don’t really know who they came up with the name,
but since it’s mainly a hiphop label, I think it has more to do with the literal definition of the world.

syntax ( ) n. The study of the rules whereby words or other elements of sentence structure are combined to form grammatical sentences.”

And…how much tax we have to pay for sin?..hmmm. Lets see…I think it’s 7.25% if you live in California.

Haha great stuff. Could be the next KG and JB going on here.

Taxes in Sweden are about 64%. Yay. :eek:

And what is “KG and BG”? I must know.

Kyle Gass and Jack Black. Dude, think about it!

Haha brilliant stuff! :slight_smile:

The ending was great! I really loved the way he “loaded” his arms and then “shot” the other guy… It was a bit too long to be a tv ad. The film had a home video -feeling but it didn’t bother me at all because it was clearly done more or less on purpose.

Oh Tenacious D? I would have gotten it earlier, but I never really got into them.
I love Jack Black and I know they’re hilarious together…but I’ve had my mind
glued to other things.

Lol, awesome! The Slow-mo/Speedups during the fight scene reminds me of Super Smash Bros.

I’ve only played the first one. Good fun game even though the controls are a big
challenging unless one has time to learn it.