Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hello everyone. I am just starting to learn blender, but am not new to modeling/animation etc. I am a RHPS fan, so I figured I would start by modeling the castle and the interior rooms then maybe a walk-through.

This will be my major project, but will be something I won’t get bored at and give me plenty of practice with Blender.

Any other ideas from anyone that is familar with the show? I will post progress here in stages as i go


The first think I think of when I think of Rocky is not the sets. It’s Tim Curry as Frankenfurter. Followed close second by Little Nell.

dude, the reproduction room, rainbow room, where it is that rocky was born…that’d be an interesting start.

or the stage with the pool and stuff.

i would model them in the order that they appear in the movie. exterior, entryway, elevator, etc.

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Science Fiction - Double Feature
Dr. X will build a creature
See androids fighting Brad and Janet
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This is going to be interesting…