Rocky Monsterman

This is not my latest creation, but I recently abandoned this project, and I am updating it. I really do appreciate C&Cs. I was just playing around with Sculpt Mode, and it turns out Sculpt Mode is more powerful than I though (not demonstrated in this though).

Is there a contest for Late Beginner-Early Intermediate modellers/animators? A contest on a lower level than, say DW or F1.


any1? I know this isn’t an F1 entry, but I need suggestions, anything to make this interesting.

To me it doesn’t look like rock. The edges are too smooth. If you are using sub-surf, try turning it down or off. This is one time where having hard edges might look better than smooth. Also, the whole body seems very square, as if this was a 2D image that was extruded to 3D. I hope that made sense.

It looks quite cool.

Yeah, I agree with DMatt. The texture needs work. It kinda looks like recycled cardboard at the moment.
As far as modelling goes, maybe it’s a little abstract. For example, he would look scarier if the hands looked a little more real, like they could actually grab you.
Good start, though…

ok, ok. But I have only been using Blender for 4 months, and not that skilled at texturing. I would appreciate texturing tips, like more of a rocky texture? And I will turn the subsurf off/down.

Btw, I created this from one cube, thats why it looks cubish. What could I do to make it look better?


Since you are using sculpt mode, maybe try the inflate tool to add some volume on the flat sides on your monster. Also, you can use grab tool to add more points here and there. Once again, if you are using Sub-surf try turning it down a notch.